Top 10 Rich Men Every Gal Wants To Date!- -Gayton McKenzie

Look, with the World Cup nearing an end, if you weren’t lucky enough to score a Big Shot businessman from abroad, askies! But all is not lost ladies. I’m pretty sure that by now you’ve learned your lesson and realized that all these men who were in South Africa aren’t necessarily rich but rather sports fanatics who had about four years to save up for the trip to Mzansi! After all, people knew about the World Cup six years before it actually happened so I wouldn’t be surprised if amongst our foreign visitors we had regular blokes who work at McDonalds or packers at Department stores!
So because I’m not selfish and I love happy endings, I thought to myself; “Wait a minute? Some of my South African sisters were probably taken for a ride by these international low-life-scum-bags and weren’t even paid a dime after they outdid themselves performing their best sex tricks, giving these foreign men sexual pleasures.Lemme be kind and introduce them to some elite South African businessmen who might wipe away their tears.?”
So if you play your cards right; a good chance to score permanent residency in Le Good Life is guaranteed! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity ladies and basically a copy of Khanyi Mbau’s Database! Happy Shopping!

Meet our Top 10 Pick of Powerful men!

10: Julius Malema
President of The ANC Youth League by day, Socialite by night and lashes out to the Media to cure his hang over! Very popular with the girls too!
9. Zizi Kodwa
President Zuma’s Spokesperson and Mr Extravagant! If you don’t know this guy, ask all the girls rocking real human hair, brazilian weave or indian hair! I won’t say much phela he’s a comrade and I don’t wanna disappear without a trace! *hides in exile*
8. Collen Mashawana
CEO of Vharani Consulting! Not shy to put his hand in his very deep pocket and he’s Venda ladies! If that means anything to you! Psss
7. Eric
He doesn’t need a surname he is THE Eric, son of Gabon President. God knows what he does but he’s filthy rich (Ask Babalwa and Precious Makgaretsa)Big baller! Has money like dust!

6. Bongani Mbindwane
CEO of Platfields Limited. Former Managing Director, Miyas Commercial Fishing; Director of various mining and exploration companies; Ubambo Investments; Property Tender Board Member and Property Committee Member, Western Cape Provincial Government; Environmental Consultant, ECS and City of Cape Town. – I hear he runs you a Moet bath and dries you using his tongue!
5. Fana Hlongwane
Made his millions if not billions through the arms deal. Known for his high-flying lifestyle in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and he also goes by the name “Styles” because of his taste for the good things in life.
4. Kenny Majozi Kunene
Rich MuthaF*@ker! Co-owns ZAR! Plenty of other Businesses, ask Sophla GP!

3. Gayton McKenzie
Former gangster turned businessman! Co-owner of Sandton’s new Night Club, ZAR! For those who like them Dangerous! Very good friends with number 4!
2. Wandile Motlana
Group Executive Chairman of Kensani PtyLTD he also co-founded Tirelo Capital in 1995, a joint venture with Nedbank Corporate. He has Coessa consortium which built the first major black-owned mixed use complex in Cape Town’s Foreshore under his belt. Also an investment committee member of Enablis and the Khula Loan and Equity Fund *Apparently Khanyi Cried and Begged to be with this guy, he eventually issued her with a retraining order! Kwaaaaaaa!
And our number one spot goes to Mzansi’s undisputed CandyMan! The Official Money Spender, Certified Billionaire! All the ladies loooooove him! Ask all the yellow bones, he must have hit on all of them! Drum Rollllllllllll!
1. Mabheleni Ntuli
Nuff Said! DONE!
And that is your list Ladies! Ten Rich South African Men all Gold Diggers want in their beds! Very wealthy and they lead very extravagant lifestyles! Look, I’m talking breakfast in Cape Town, lunch in Durban, supper in Mozambique and a private party inside the Gautrain

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