Sushi King’s fishy girlfriend: Eda Rose

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While Kenny Kunene was fondling Khanyi Mbau at a party to toast his ‘So What’ reality show last week, a war was brewing behind the scenes. It appears that the Sushi King has a girlfriend, but Eda Rose, YFM traffic girl and aspiring musician, would like the public to think otherwise. After Gayton McKenzie, Kunene’s close friend, business partner and ‘So What’ co-star referred to Rose as Kunene’s girlfriend, she appeared on Bonang Matheba’s YFM show and denied that she was anything other than a “friend”. A Sunday paper also published the allegation that Rose, who attended the wedding of President Jacob Zuma’s daughter Duduzile with Kunene earlier this year, tried to get her role edited out from the reality show, lest someone got the wrong idea.

McKenzie however, was having none of that, and proceeded to out Rose on Twitter. In a series of fiery tweets, McKenzie revealed that the former Miss Earth finalist and Kunene had been “been f***in buddies for long”.

“U better not say that I'm lying cause I bring out the security tapes at @zarsushiking apartment where @edaroseofficial is a regular,” said McKenzie, who’s twitter moniker is G_XCON.

“Dont be a devil at nite and f***in act a angel during the day, @edaroseofficial and @zarsushiking has been f***in buddies for long”.

“It hurts me to hear @edaroseofficial making @zarsushiking out to be a liar, you got f***ed eda. It's called reality baby. Sue me.

“I'm not an angel but I don't go live on the radio an talk sh*t denying the obvious. Girls stay away from glamour if you hate drama.”

Rose also known as Minnie Mouse, has a song out called “Handle That” – which is probably what McKenzie expects her to do with his Twitter tirade. - IOL

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