Same old 'So What' mumbo

Same old 'So What' mumbo

With the second season of Kenny Kunene's reality TV show So What, premiering tonight, nothing about the first episode suggests that the second season will be better than the first.



The high life is still on show - drinking expensive champagne straight from the bottle, being driven around in the best cars and flying around in private jets - but is far from being original.

The opening sequence shows unfavourable TV headlines and newspaper clippings screaming: "Has Kenny's cash run out?", "Kenny's last sushi dinner" and "Zar to shut down".

He then spends the next few minutes fretting about an accident on the road to Lanseria Airport, where he has to catch his private jet to Durban to give a talk as part of a mentorship programme he runs with business partner and friend Gayton McKenzie.

Even though he loses his temper because he is late for the talk, he still has the time to turn down the first helicopter they find to take them to the airport because it's not big enough.

"For us, it's a normal arrangement. It's the same as a guy being left by his bus and then takes his car," Kunene says.

Once in the more spacious chopper, Kunene and hip-hop artist Hydro (signed to Kunene's record label, Nu Money) indulge in tripe, sheep's head and dumplings while McKenzie and his daughter Moloko have a vegetarian meal.

"Some will say I don't have class. What is class? If your class is defined by food, then you have a problem," Kunene explains.

He adds that when black people move to the suburbs they "start insulting our food".

From then on in, the episode is McKenzie and Kunene giving a bunch of teenagers gathered at the Bellagio Hotel in Durban a talk on "making it" in life.

Channel spokesman Matlapulana Ragoasha said this season would see Kunene undertaking more international business trips.

So What, whose first season was, according to the SA Advertising Research Foundation, watched by 1.4million viewers on average, moves to's 8.30pm slot on Mondays, which used to belong to Hlelo and Ntando Masina's reality TV show, Blame It On Fame.

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