High and lows of a fab party year

December 12 2011 at 11:30am

IOL Tonight Pic Kenny Kunene in action


We blinked and 2011 was all but over. This year was a non-stop party from beginning to end with stunning events in many corners of our beautiful country. Here are my highs and lows for the year.

The Michael Jackson Award

Mshoza. Like, what the hell are you thinking, chicky? Apartheid’s over and it is now cool to be black.

Worst Event of 2011

The MTN SA Music Awards (Samas), which were moved from Sun City to a tent in Montecasino. Many of the bigwigs and nominated artists were denied access to the tent and media partner SABC1 was forced to entertain clients in a restaurant and watch the Samas on TV as opposed to the live experience. The stage was too wide, so we had to crane our necks, and the after-parties at the different venues were downright dull – except for the Kalawa party, which was great fun.

Event of the Year

iol tonight 12 dec CW therese.celebs pic pabi moloi

Pabi Maloi won the overall SA Style Awards.


The Metro FM Awards in Mbombela (Nelspruit). Although the show was a tad long, it was tight and imaginative. The awards were given to the right artists and Spikiri winning a Lifetime Achievement Award was the cherry on top. Plus, Mbombela’s surrounds are very beautiful.

Best Venue of 2011

The MTV Base tent at the Durban July rocked. It was a black and white dome that included a chill garden, cool bars, endless food and great entertainment by SA musicians. The stage was moveable and folded out into a dance floor when the DJs played. All the coolest people in the music industry were on the guest list, including AKA, who is my favourite musician to hang with at parties.

Most Imaginative Launch

Winchester Mansions in Sea Point relaunched its four-star hotel status and revamp with exclusive tours of the hotel. The tour included industrial theatre and installations which added to the fun.

Irritant of the Year

Kenny Kunene wins the most irritating person of 2011 award hands down. His queen number at the Feather Awards was unbearable. He was surrounded by cameras and lights, and had a little drag queen running around like his own praise singer. Then there was the silly pink traditional Indian outfit.

Babe of the Year

Cindy Nell became a mother for the first time recently. But she has bounced back with an even better figure than before. She is glowing with happiness.

Coolest Moment At An Event

This is a tie between Pabi Moloi winning the overall SA Style Awards and Spikiri winning the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Metros. Pabi was genuinely surprised and Spikiri was so sweet in his little kwaito way. They are deserved winners.

Most Fun Person To Hang Out With At An Event

Shugasmakx is funny, caring, affectionate and genuinely has a good time at an event.

Best Dressed Celebrity

Anyone dressed by Gert-Johan Coetzee. He is thriving creatively with designs that understand and enhance the beauty of his clients, from Bonang to Cindy Nell.

Worst Dressed Celebrity

Channel O’s Dineo presented the station’s annual awards. But at some stage she thought it was a great idea to wear a pink shiny slacks suit that gathered around her crotch area in a most disturbing way. Oddly enough, it was designed by Gert-Johan.

Most Overexposed Celebrity

A three-way tie between Bonang and the YFM Twinz. Bonang has her own clothing range, a television show, a radio show, a huge Twitter following, is a constant tweeter, has her own internet reality show and is seen at all the right parties with all the right people on all the right social pages. The YFM Twinz are also the darlings of the magazines, have their own reality show about nothing à la The Kardashians, their own radio show, their own...

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