Kenny Kunene divorce

South African controversial business man, Kenny Kunene, announced on his reality show that he is getting divorced. Ag shame!

South African ex-con playboy, business man, self made millionaire, owner of ZAR empire, Sushi King, DJ and very well deserved and scripted and acted out reality star of eTV’s SO WHAT, Kenny Kunene, announced last night on his show that he is going through a divorce with wife Mathato.

Honestly I have been wondering when will this day come. This guy is notorious for controversy.

Last year Sunday World ran a story on Kenny Kunene, stating that his philandering ways were leading to family drama and that his wife was divorcing him. He denied rumours that his alleged affair with a young radio presenter or the bed-sharing with three Swazi girls on his reality show is to blame for their separation.

The ZAR empire owner expressed his sadness at the end of his 16 year marriage. “I was so devastated when Mathato first told me her reasons she wanted a divorce, I went for two weeks without even shaving my head and beard. But I accepted it, mainly because I knew she wasn’t divorcing me because she doesn’t love me any more. “

He added that Mathato did not married him for money, as she declined a blank cheque he offered her. “She only wanted to keep the house that she lives in and wanted me to continue to pay for her car...I'm also going to continue supporting [his] children.”

The show follows Kenny Kunene as he lives the luxurious life (his unapologetic for his success and lavish lifestyle). In the show’s 2nd season its all about the business side of things, his personal life, the great parties that he hosts and attends, the ups and most definitely the downs ...because he is being divorced and that surely is a down.

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