Kunene divorce ‘not about lifestyle’

Kunene divorce ‘not about lifestyle’

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Lucky Nxumalo

Kenny Kunene, centre, is also known as the Sushi King.

He’s often surrounded by groups of beautiful women, he throws lavish parties worth millions of rands and is most famous for eating sushi off half-naked models.

But these aren’t the reasons that Mathatho is divorcing her millionaire husband, Kenny Kunene. Instead the Joburg businessman says that the two have decided to split after realising that “they have different visions in life”.

“My wife has given me a few reasons why she wants a divorce, but I can tell you that it has nothing to do with my lifestyle,” said Kunene.

Kunene broke the news on his reality TV show So What on Monday night. He said that although he had been left devastated by the divorce, he would continue to attend all obligations. “Life has to carry on I guess,” Kunene said in an interview with Pretoria News this week.

“I’m booked out until the end of July. Despite what has happened I plan to fulfil all my obligations and attend all my gigs, I cannot let my fans down .”

The 41-year-old, who has three children with Mathatho and has been married for 16 years, also denied rumours that his alleged affair with a young radio presenter was to blame.

He said he had informed his older children about the divorce. “Because they are mature enough, I have explained to them what has happened. “Obviously it’s very hard for them, but they are now old enough to understand.”

“However, I did not want to involve my seven-year-old daughter as she is too young to process all of this.”

Kunene added that despite his hectic schedule, he was able to take a day or two off to reflect on the divorce.

“One of the guys I work with even told me to take off a week.

Instead I took a day off and went elephant riding and go-karting in Nelspruit.

“It was the perfect way to take my mind off everything that has been happening.”

He said he was heartbroken when he received the summons from his wife’s lawyers.

“When I got the papers I felt very sad and down. It’s a very hard thing to process. But life has its ups and downs, and I have to accept it and just move on.”

Kunene added that his reality show had played no part in his divorce. “I may be seen with lots of ladies in my show but I can guarantee you that my wife had not divorced me for that reason.”

Meanwhile, he said he was excited about the opening of a brand new ZAR nightclub. Construction had begun in Kimberley.

However, Joburg would not be opening a new ZAR club as they had not found any appropriate venues.

“We are really excited about getting the ZAR up and running in Kimberley. Like I have always said, ZAR was never about the money but more about the people and the lifestyle, and Kimberley is the perfect place. Also I wanted a roof-top ZAR in Joburg, but could not find any. I am not willing to build a club on ground floor, so plans are on hold for the moment.”

He also revealed that his plans to import his own brand of vodka from Russia would still take time as it was a “difficult” process. - Pretoria News Weekend

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