Stick your feather! Kenny Kunene & Gayton Mckenzie

AWARD-winning house DJ and music producer DJ Cleo has rejected his nomination for a controversial Feathers award.

DJ Cleo and Bricks, who parted ways after working together for over two years, were nominated in the Cute Couple category.

They are pitted against the popular DJ Black Coffee and his wife Mbali Mlotshwa, as well as Sushi King Kenny Kunene and his business partner Gayton McKenzie.

But the nomination irked the DJ. He viewed it as an attempt by the awards organisers to discredit him.

“It’s appalling how some ignorant homosexuals derive amusement from publishing derogative statements about heterosexual men being a couple,” says the muso.

He lambasts the organisers, saying they’re trying to create hype by using his name.

“Initially, I thought it was a printing error when I saw it in the daily papers but when I checked I discovered they had indeed nominated me in the category and I realised they meant business,” he says.

“I think they must nominate those who take these awards seriously and leave me alone so I can continue to create good music for our fellow countrymen,” says Cleo.

Awards organiser Thami Kotlolo says: “Every year 99,9% of the nominees are thrilled and get that this is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek ceremony.

“But there’s always 0,1% that are offended and dramatically pull out. We are used to it. It’s no big deal.”

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