Sushi King’s Swazi ‘girlfriend’ speaks out

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image Kenny Kunene’s alleged Swazi girlfriend Takangwane Khanyile

‘Sushi King’ Kenny Kunene’s alleged Swazi girlfriend, Takangwane Khanyile has admitted that she and the South African multi-millionaire are an item. Khanyile who relocated to South Africa two years ago to pursue her studies in Pretoria said she has been dating the mining mogul from July last year.

She admitted reading an article about herself and Kunene in Drum magazine and announced that he was just on his way to her apartment to take her out shopping.
She said Kunene was taking her shopping for an outfit for the Sixties Party featuring a performance by US artist John Legend this weekend in Mpumalanga. She will attend the party with Kunene.
She said: “Yes we are dating. I’m actually waiting for him right now. We are going to pick an outfit for me to wear at the Sixties Party.”
She did her primary and secondary school at St Francis in Mbabane before she relocated to South Africa.
“I don’t care what anyone can say. The media can say all they want but I know what I know.”
She met Kunene at his club, Club ZAR on July 29.
“We met and the rest, as they say, became history,” she stated.
Kunene referred to the 20 year old as a friend in the interview with Drum.
In the magazine, the two appear holding hands.
“We are dating with Kenny. I met him at his Club Zar, on July 29 and the rest is history,” she insisted.
Kunene denied all those claims saying they are just friends.
Khanyile’s father owns the famous Ingwe Mabala Hotel at Ngwenya.
Although she attends parties, she manages to always keep a low profile.
Asked whether she wants to marry Kunene, she said those weren’t part of her plans.
She would only marry a decent man, insinuating in a subtle way that Kunene is not.
“Marriage isn’t part of the agenda here. I see myself marrying someone else.”

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