Kunene's So What show just rocks

Kunene's So What show just rocks


WHEN I heard that Kenny Kunene was doing a reality show, I cringed and screamed and rolled my eyes, before hanging my head, shaking it, and releasing a deep sigh, and then repeating the sequence several times.

SUSHI KING: Kenny Kunene
GRAND: Kenny Kunene celebrates his birthday in Welkom. PHOTO: Simon Mathebula

To start with, I was annoyed by the cheekiness of the show's title, So What. I asked myself, how was I going to survive Kunene's sushi parties, vanity and bravado the whole season?

Going to his parties in person is torture enough, how much more when he is in your lounge for almost 30 minutes?

I asked myself, what was e.tv thinking? For that matter e.tv was a respected station with sober shows like 3rd Degree!

When it comes to Kunene there are a number of things that sicken me about him.

I can't stand his voice and the fact that he is a show-off join together in a sickening synergy that distresses the hell out of me.

No I'm not jealous about his riches. In fact I love the fact that he is a rich black man, but don't rub it on poor people's faces.

Back to the show. I must say Kunene has given us what we always craved - a peek on the private lives of the rich and famous. Vuzu's Top Shayela, e.tv's, Blame it on fame and SABC1's Jozi Moving the City have nothing on So What

He set up a bar and has made these shows Mickey Mouse programmes.

Any reality show that is to be made after this has to up its game if it does not want to be a laughing stock.

What I love about Kunene's show is that it is invasive. It panders to our curiosity, allowing us to gawk at him and his people for as long as they are willing to be gawked at.

What of taking us to his house, showing us his fatherhood capabilities and taking us to his family graves?

I thought that was brilliant and any black South African who watches the show could relate to some of the goings on in his life.

Another interesting side of Kunene's life is his business.

Vain and windy as he is, he comes across as a shrewd businessman. But somehow one feels he would flounder without his more level-headed business partner Gayton McKenzie.

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