Swazi girls visited ‘Sushi King’ in his hotel bedroom

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imagePOSE: Kenny ‘Sushi King’ Kunene at the Mavuso Sports Bar recently posing with his fans

SWAZI girls have been labelled as ‘cheap’ on Facebook following their antics on Kenny Kunene’s reality show, ‘So What’ currently airing on eTV. Kunene is also known as ‘Sushi King’.

The episode, which featured Kunene’s trip to the country, showed snippets of Kunene in his bedroom with some Swazi girls.
In the clip, these girls pose with him near his bed.
This sparked a debate on Facebook on Saturday evening as some users called these girls cheap whereas; others condoned their behaviour.
There were over 48 comments on the local forum known as Nelo’s Late Night Forum.
The footage was shot while Kunene was in the country, on invitation from the organisers of the Bikers Party.
The 30-minute reality series airs all ‘Sushi King’s movements while he was in the county -from his arrival at the plush Happy Valley Resort to the Biker’s Party at the Mavuso Sports Bar.
Upon his arrival, at the Happy Valley Resort, Kunene explained his mission in the country and he was captured with Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Macford Sibandze.
“I am not here to party only, but to also explore business opportunities,” he told his crew.
Mr ‘Sushi’ then proceeded to a press conference.
On his way, the crew captured his convoy led by a white BMW X6 and blue range Rover sport.
Kunene was later interviewed by PSI PRO Bongiwe Zwane on the Choose One Partner campaign on how he could endorse it to the youth.
Kunene flatly told them that he did not endorse the campaign as he was an African and a polygamist.
“I cannot endorse the Choose One Partner campaign because I am just a polygamist and I believe in having more than one wife. You can have more than one wife, but make sure you are able to take care of your wives. In my case, I am able to take care of all my wives,” he boasted.
Before the Reed Dance ceremony, which he attended and also met His Majesty King Mswati III, Kunene and his crew went to Manzini, where they bought traditional regalia.
At first, they offered one lady E1 000 for the traditional regalia, but she refused saying the money was too little for the merchandise.
Kunene is then seen withdrawing money from an ATM.
On the main day of Umhlanga Reed Dance, the Sushi king toured the different stands and visited the beehives.
He told of his experience of meeting the King.
“He is a very humble man, I was willing to meet him and shake his hand. When I shook his hand and told him who I was, he was surprised and told me I confused him as I look like one of the Swazis,” he said.
“When I left, people started wondering what I said to the King because I was the only person who shook his hand and laughed at the same time. I have just realised how Swazis are passionate about their culture and tradition,” he said.
Kunene’s business partner Gayton McKenzie also shared the same sentiments with Kunene.
“The royal wedding was watched by millions of people in the world, and nothing bad was said about it. Now it is time that we respect our own cultures and kings so that we celebrate being Africans,” he said.
The show sparked a lot of comments on the social networking sites facebook and twitter as people labelled Swazi girls as cheap stuff.

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